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Meg van der Kruik {Beard and Bonnet}

 Set sail on an epic gluten free journey with Beard and Bonnet!

I have been cooking and eating vegetarian dishes for almost 8 years now, but it wasn’t until my son was born with a severe gluten intolerance that attacked his immune system that I delved into the world of gluten free cooking. We went through a lot as a family during the first 16 months of our son’s life trying to find a cause and a cure for his health problems, but now I am happy to say that through a gluten free diet we have found the way to a full recovery for our son. My husband, Todd, and I are artists and designers by trade and we share our design ideas and creations every day in our business with clients.  So, it was a natural transition to share the food that helped to heal our family here on B&B in hopes that we could help others along the way.

Each week on Beard and Bonnet we share original recipes, easy to follow tutorials, and gluten free life lessons that we have learned on our own personal journey.

In order to want to read someone’s blog you have to feel a connection to that person on some level. When I choose blog’s that I read over and over it is usually because I feel like the author and I could be friends. So here are a few things that my friends know about me:

1. I have the most amazing, supportive & talented husband in the whole world who also does double duty as my best friend. I respect him more than anyone I have ever met. He makes me laugh and he makes sure that I know he loves me every day! After 7 years together I am still learning about who he is and am intrigued by how his brain works. He has never let me down and he cheers me on in everything I do. Todd and I started our design business, Union Eighteen, when we first met. Our first email messages to each other were about collaborating as artists and designers to bring handmade eco-friendly products to the marketplace. The fact that we fell in love during the process is a HUGE bonus. Todd is also the amazing graphic and web designer behind B&B.

2. I have 2 children that are the light of my life. Our daughter Eliza is 12 years old and our son Kash, AKA: The fruit bandit, is 3. Every person in our home has a completely different set of dietary rules and restrictions that they follow and my goal with meals is to bridge the gap at the dinner table between us all and make one meal that satisfies everyone.

3. I host spontaneous dance parties for my kids every week that often involve costumes, vinyl, and lots of giggling.

4. We consider ourselves nomads and have moved a lot over the years. Being married to a successful designer in the textile industry is never dull, we go where the work is and it is always an adventure! We have lived in 5 different areas of the country in our 7 years together. Of all of the places we have lived Long Beach, California is the one that we all agree is home. We recently moved back here after 4 years away and have never been happier!

5. We always have a new adventure on the horizon. We love what we do and so our lives revolve around it. You won’t find us sitting on the couch watching sports all Sunday, we leave that for our cats. Instead we like to go out into our world looking for inspiration with our kids and our camera. Documenting, creating and leaving our mark! You can find some of the one of a kind treasures we find on our quests in our online store Blk Market!

6. Last but not least, you might be interested about where the name Beard & Bonnet comes from. A few years back we took a family vacation to Charleston, SC and on a harbor cruise we were told a story about the infamous pirates Captain Black Beard and Stede Bonnet who were an unlikely duo that wound up sailing the seas together looking for adventure and discovery. Since this gluten free journey we have found ourselves on has been so filled with mystery, adventures, and discoveries it just seemed fitting to name this space after the duo who’s stories captivated our attention in Charleston. 

“Hats off to you!  I do not bake. But what I learned is you are a great mother. Also you have inspired me to be the best. I have just begun my gluten free diet, however my hypo thyroidism doesn’t leave much energy and high spirits to do things the way you do for your child. But believe me I will try my best to do all that I can in my best, and not let me chronic devil take over me. I’m going to think of you. You have tried all the possibilities to replace gluten to make your child enjoy the best alternative food. Indeed a great mother!! God bless you and your child.” –Ash

“Beautiful composition, as always! We’re Mex food junkies as well. Your Black Bean Flautas will definitely be making a main attraction showing at our house soon! Thank you for all that you do! Pinned”. Kristin

“Love this! It will take me a lifetime to learn all this, but it will be a treasured resource for me and my family. Our daughter developed a gluten intolerance (and GMO most likely) about a year ago, and finding information like this is nearly impossible. Many of my daughter’s friends are exhibiting the same symptoms and are gradually changing their diets also. I will definitely share this with many of their parents! Sincere gratitude!”Mary

“I just want to let you know that I admire your website so much! I am a gluten free (used to be sufferer, but now proud) girl and I could not be more inspired by your beautiful website!”Missy

“When I saw this recipe I was so intrigued I had to try it. It was amazing! I made the smoky black beans, the taco spiced kale and the cilantro hush puppies and topped with salsa and avocado. Different flavors all exploding at different times and my husband agreed it was so fresh and flavorful. Thanks for this creative and delicious recipe!”Erin

“My son is allergic to dairy (epi-pen allergic),eggs, and nuts. He just asked me the other day if some day he could have the white fluffy stuff you sometimes see on ice cream and cake. I told him probably not because that is whipped cream and it is made of cow’s milk. I just found your recipe and I can’t wait to surprise him. He can/does have coconut milk. So you and I will make a little man’s simple wish come true:) Thanks!”Jeannine

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