Gluten Free Fried Green Tomato Po' Boys recipe from @beardandbonnet

Fried Green Tomato Po’boys

Last week I shared my love for fried green tomatoes  – and although they can hold their own as a side dish I can’t resist piling them high on a baguette with my zesty homemade Cajun rémoulade sauce and smoky coconut bacon. Trust me, Fried Green Tomato Po’boys are pretty much the tastiest sandwich you will EVER eat! …

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Hushpuppy Panzanella recipe from @beardandbonnet.

Hushpuppy Panzanella

Being raised in the south and opting to live my adult life on the west coast has led to some pretty interesting eating habits. My meals tend to lean towards healthy clean eating, but occasionally I feel the need to add a bit of southern comfort food into the mix especially after a long trip…

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Smoky Lentil Taquitos with Avocado Cilantro Dipping Sauce recipe { @beardandbonnet }

Smoky Lentil Taquitos with Avocado Cilantro Dipping Sauce

  Smoky Lentil Taquitos….I’m not really sure we need to discuss much further – you should just take my word and make them! Their flavor is intense, delicious and on point for a flavorful fiesta!  Taquitos are one of my favorite dishes. Ever! But if you have been frequenting Beard & Bonnet for a while now than…

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The Ultimate Vegan Taco Salad recipe { @beardandbonnet }

The Ultimate Vegan Taco Salad + A Virtual Baby Shower!

I am so excited to be celebrating Emily of The Pig & Quill’s virtual baby shower! That lady totally cracks me up on a weekly basis and makes some scrumptious food to boot. I spent a lot of time debating what exactly I would take to Em’s shower if I had the chance to go celebrate…

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Roasted Poblano Black Bean Burger {Beard and Bonnet}

Roasted Poblano Black Bean Burger

I have said it before and I am sure I will say it again…there is no place at my table for mushy veggie burgers!! I hate it when I order a veggie burger and after 1 bite the other half squishes out of the other side of the bun. A burger should be a burger!…

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5-ingredient Black Bean and Salsa Soup { #glutenfree #vegan} @beardandbonnet

5-ingredient Black Bean and Salsa Soup

Word on the street is that it is cold out there and you all could use a little warming up. Am I right?! This soup is one of my “don’t time have time to cook, always have the ingredients on hand, every body loves it” recipes.  I cannot even remember when I started making this black…

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Truly Authentic Falafel {Beard and Bonnet}

Truly Authentic Falafel

If you were to come to my house for dinner, chances are I would offer to make you an amazing falafel dinner. It’s one of my favorite meals to make! I would make homemade hummus with my own tahini, I would throw down a basket of gluten free cumin scented naan bread, and we would…

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One Pot Weeknight Curry {Beard and Bonnet}

One Pot Weeknight Curry

So before we dive head first into cookie craziness next week I thought I would share a simply stunning, super easy, one pot weeknight curry that you should make ASAP! This curry is so good and it is the perfect way to use up the last of the fall squash that is sitting on your counter….

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Gluten free and vegan Miso-Curry Roasted Vegetable Salad {Beard and Bonnet}

Miso-Curry Roasted Vegetable Salad

If you are like me then you probably bought a few extra veggies than you will need for Thanksgiving Day. I am always afraid I will need just a few more potatoes or a couple more Brussels sprouts and inevitably I am left the weekend after the big day with a crisper drawer full of…

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Thanksgiving Tian

If you are like us then you have multiple dietary needs to consider before gathering around your holiday table. We have so many different dietary restrictions among us that it could make a person crazy trying to cook for all of them which is why I love making recipes that can play multiple roles at…

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Get ready for a total mac and cheese game changer!!! This kimchi mac and cheese is spicy, tangy, and creamy with a perfectly golden, crispy top. Each bite gets an extra flavor punch from a special mixture of fresh herbs.

Kimchi Mac and Cheese

Sometimes you experience a meal that forever changes your life. It changes the way you think about ingredients and flavor combinations and then after the meal is over you think about it. Regularly, sometimes daily, until you have the chance to eat it again.  This happened for me a few months back at Roy Choi’s…

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Roasted Fall Salad {Beard and Bonnet} This salad pairs tender greens and tart pomegranate with perfectly roasted fall vegetables. It's gluten free and can easily be made vegan by omitting the goat cheese crumbles.

Roasted Fall Salad

We finally had a little reprieve from the heat here in So Cal so I took the opportunity to roast every fall veggie I could get my hands on! I have been craving Brussels sprouts, delicata squash, and fingerling potatoes; so I roasted them all up and tossed them together in this delicious roasted fall salad….

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Roasted Red Curry Potato Stack Salad {Beard and Bonnet}

Roasted Red Curry Potato Stack Salad

Did you have a good weekend? We spent the last few days celebrating my birthday, which just happens to fall on Monday, and I feel like I am literally on cloud nine! I have such amazing family and friends that really go the extra mile to let me know just how much they care and…

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