Warm Pasta Salad with Roasted Bell Peppers and Pesto {Beard and Bonnet} #gluten-free #vegan # dairyfree

Warm Quinoa Pasta Salad with Roasted Bell Peppers and Pesto

This warm pasta salad is one of our go-to dinners. It is easy and fast to prepare and my family loves it!  I have two versions of this particular dish, the first version uses my homemade Pignoli Pesto and the second version uses store-bought pesto. Either recipe is really good and they only vary slightly but, I…

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Pignoli Pesto {Beard and Bonnet} #glutenfree #dairyfree #vegan

Pignoli Pesto (Vegan and Gluten-Free)

I planted three varieties of basil in a large pot at the beginning of the summer and we have been in basil heaven for a few months now. Fresh homemade pesto is one of my favorite sauces on the planet! I will use store-bought pesto in a pinch but once you have made your own it is really hard…

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Bar-B-Q {Beard and Bonnet}

Sunday Snapshots: Say It With A Sign

When Todd came home from his trip to the Pacific Northwest he kept talking about signs. New  signs, old signs, neon signs and handmade signs. Every building and shop had its own unique intriguing signage that couldn’t help but lure you in. Today we thought that it would be fun to share some of our favorites with you. I…

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Tomato & Mustard Seed Rice with Roasted Zucchini and Artichoke Hearts {Beard and Bonnet} #glutenfree #dairyfree #vegan

Tomato & Mustard Seed Rice with Roasted Zucchini and Artichoke Hearts

Rice is a staple in our gluten-free pantry and I am always looking for new exciting ways to incorporate it into our meals. This dish uses a technique found frequently in Indian cooking called “blooming”. Blooming or toasting the seeds allows you to be able to infuse the flavor of the mustard seeds into your rice….

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Seattle {Beard and Bonnet}

Sunday Snapshots: Farmers Market

Whenever we visit a new place we always seek out the local Farmers Market for inspiration. This week we are sharing images from Todd’s recent trip to Vancouver and Seattle. He scoured the Markets in these great cities looking for vibrant colors and new flavors to try. When he returned home we poured through the pictures with the kids…

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Beet chips {Beard and Bonnet} #vegan #glutenfree

Candy Cane Beet Crisps for Eliza's Lunchbox!

We are so lucky to have children that are adventurous eaters! Todd and I rarely have a problem getting our kids to try new things, which has helped considerably with the switch to our gluten and dairy free diet. However, there are a few vegetables that have eluded our table because even our foodie kids…

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Black Bean "Meatball" Hoagie {Beard and Bonnet}

Black Bean "Meatball" Hoagie (Gluten and Dairy Free)

August is jam packed with food holidays!  Besides the fact that this month holds National Zucchini Day, S’more Day and Potato Day we are celebrating the humble sandwich all month long. Phew, I never knew that there were so many food holidays. I can always go for a sandwich though so I had to post about it….

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Blue Tree {Beard and Bonnet}

Sunday Snapshots: Color and Texture

The age of the computer has led to the instant access of information – from Facebook updates of this morning’s breakfast to new sketches from your favorite artist, we see it all. Tweets from our friends, neighbors and world leaders arrive with equal importance. Knowledge is everywhere, available in real-time, as it happens. As we…

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GF Lunchbox Veggie Springrolls {Beard and Bonnet}

Back to school in Eliza's Lunch Box

Gluten-free diet or not Eliza has never been one to take the standard PB & J with chips and cookies. She has always been an adventurous eater and loves to help plan her school lunches. She started brainstorming lunch for the first week of school about a month ago. Can you say future foodie? We…

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Black Bean Tacos with Cilantro Infused Tortillas {Beard and Bonnet}

The 21 Ultimate Vegan Taco and Guacamole Recipes by Veg News!

Wow, it has been a great week, we are so thrilled that our Black Bean Tacos with Cilantro Infused Tortillas were part of  the 21 Ultimate Vegan Taco and Guacamole Recipes article by Veg News! We didn’t even know that Worldwide Vegan Taco Day was August 4th but, we have marked our calendar in anticipation for next year. I…

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Zucchini Round up for NationalZucchini Day! {Beard and Bonnet}

A Zucchini Round Up for National Zucchini Day!

Hooray for zucchini! I had no idea that this humble squash had its own holiday, did you?  Well, it does and thanks to Heidi over at Foodie Crush and her new desktop calendar filled with food related fun facts I am now in the know. I love zucchini for an endless number of reasons but my top…

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Making the switch: Lexie's Kitchen

Making the Switch: Our story on Lexie's Kitchen

I am so excited that Lexie’s Kitchen has shared our story with her readers! She is a truly an amazing woman who has been such an inspiration to me. When we first became aware of Kash’s food allergies I began scouring the internet for families with similar situations that I could connect with. Even though…

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