almond milk, coffee cocktail

How about a mid-week cocktail to get you through?

Lord knows, we need a drink with an added little punch of caffeine come Wednesday to get us through the rest of the week.  It’s no secret that I can’t stand to be wasteful and the end of the coffee pot in the morning or the last of the vanilla almond milk is no exception. I like to save the last little…

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IMG_0975 copy

Asparagus Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette (gluten, dairy & soy free)

There aren’t many vegetables that I like more than asparagus and this simple salad is great for parties or picnics because the individual components can be made in advance and assembled quickly. I like to use chopped and seasoned hard boiled eggs on salads where I would have previously used feta cheese. The texture is similar and I get…

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gluten free baby

Happy Gluten + Dairy Free Baby Snack Roundup

Once we knew that we needed to go gluten and dairy free it was literally like embarking on a whole new food journey. I already made most of our sons baby food so the fact that I had complete and total control over how fresh his food was and what he was eating at home…

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Citrus Loaf (gluten + dairy free) via Beard and Bonnet

Citrus Loaf (gluten + dairy free)

I have been experimenting a lot lately with making my own gluten-free baking mixes because I haven’t been thrilled with the gluten free all-purpose flours that are available at the store. My favorite so far is a recipe that I found by The Food Philosopher for a Brown Rice Flour Mix. To make the task of gluten free baking…

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Peppered Polenta Stack

Peppered Polenta Stack (Gluten + Dairy Free)

Chances are that if you are on a special diet like we are, the cost of your ingredients has gone up; and no one needs a bigger grocery bill – especially not these days. So it is now more important to me than ever to try to use everything that I bring into my kitchen…

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Fiery Pesto Pizza: Gluten + Dairy Free

  If you were to ask what I miss the most about my previous gluten and dairy filled lifestyle it would have to be the ease of throwing a pizza in the oven or calling for delivery. Who doesn’t like pizza and if you are a busy working mom like me you look forward to…

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roasted poblano & cilantro cashew cream

Cashew Cream: Trust me it is delicious!

If you have ever ventured out into the world of vegan cooking than you probably heard tales of a glorious dairy substitute called cashew cream. It can work wonders in your vegan desserts but it can also double as yummy cheesiness to fill your ravioli or it can become the cream substitute in your vodka pasta sauce. It really…

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Gluten Free Smokey Black Beans

Fast & Smokey Black Beans

I have always preferred to soak my own black beans and cook them low and slow, but I don’t always have time or plan far enough ahead to have them ready for my recipes. When I am running low on time or just feeling like something simple this is my go to recipe for black beans. Your friends and family will think…

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Cilantro + Sunflower Seed Pesto

Cilantro + Roasted Sunflower Seed Pesto

There are a handful of things that I always have on hand in my pantry and this pesto is one of them. You can use it in anyway that you want.  Our favorite uses are pasta, tacos, and Mexican pizza. There is no wrong application for this flavorful little sauce. Cilantro + Roasted Sunflower Seed Pesto 2 cups and…

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Gluten Free+ Dairy Free Fiery Pesto Pizza

What do you mean we can't eat wheat or dairy?!

Up until a few months ago on any given shopping trip you would have seen a basket laden with bread, cheese, vegetables, yogurt and ice cream. I would stock pile English Muffins and Hawaiian Sweet Rolls like they were currency and when I took them home I would lace them with cheese, glorious cheese, studded with spicy little…

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beer and boards copy

Boards & Beer for Father's Day

Maybe you haven’t noticed that our family is a little unorthodox; this especially applies to holidays and how we celebrate them. This year for Father’s Day we decided to tap into Todd’s Southern CA roots and plan a day full of excitement – van der Kruik style. Let me fill you in on 5 basic truths about…

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Nice to meet you…

I guess in order to want to read someone’s blog you have to feel a connection to them on some level. When I choose blogs that I read over and over it is usually because I feel like the author and I could be friends. Here are a few things that my friends know about…

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